The SYJO program consists of two ensembles: the JWA Big Band (18+), the premier group; SYJO (U19).


SYJO2 in concert


SYJO is the main ensemble of the SYJO program of. It is aimed at students ages under 19 Years and membership is by audition only. Most members are in their mid-teens. It includes school-aged musicians interested in performing to a very high standard a wide cariety of interesting big band repertoire, and regular, productive rehearsals.

Members of SYJO can expect enough regular performances to give the program focus, but not so many as to become onerous.

SYJO provides a truly fine ensemble experience, and can also be a training and proving ground for future JWA Big Band members.

Rehearsals for SYJO2 are on Wednesday nights in St Leonards, from 6:45pm.


SYJO3 is currently not being offered however please contact us to register interest in future updates. Prospective members should instead enter the JWA combos (small ensembles) program as introduction and training for jazz.

The junior SYJO ensemble, for junior high school and upper primary aged students.

SYJO3 in concert


Entry is by audition only. SYJO2 serves as a great and fun ensemble experience for members, and can also be a preparation and feeder group for the senior big bands. Musicians in this group will develop essential jazz skills in ensemble playing, performance, intonation, endurance and style. This skill set will not only stand them, in good stead to progress through the SYJO program, but also give them the opportunity to become formidable musicians in any playing situation.

Rehearsals for SYJO2 were on Tuesday evenings in St Leonards.

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